Thursday, 21 October 2010

Cheese is the adhesive that keeps my mind together

Today seems to be another bad day. But I have my therapy appointment today so maybe it'll get better. So I will start by saying:
My roommate and I are out of cheese again, because, well, cheese is the shit. And since my decision to become vegetarian I have been consuming cheese like it will somehow cure my hunger for bacon (which it won't, btw).
Secondly, what is up with tights as pants? I had to keep a straight face while talking to someone and stop myself from shouting "PAINFUL CAMELTOE!" at her throughout the conversation.
I am sorting through mags for the WMST department at my job and there is about 35 years of Good Housekeeping . Princess Di is on about every one in three of them. And they are super misogynistic.
I feel a little bit empty right now. I wish it was like a PMS craving and I could go out and buy three pounds of salt and vinegar chips, a gallon of ice cream, and 70% cocoa chocolate bars and it would feel better.
Stupid body. Stupid mind.
I am going to go back to sorting through GH now, maybe that will fill the void. Isn't that why mags were invented?

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