Thursday, 4 August 2011

Visa is in!

So... most of you know that I did not move to Colorado, but took up an offer at University College London, and will be in England come September! I have my ticket, my confirmation of attendance, and on Monday I will make an 8 hour round trip into Dallas (via a-train and dart) to get my visa! Which cost a good $450.00 so it better go through...
I am watching my aunt's house (and the cousins) and the younger one is not doing too well; he got lost for about an hour, opened the door to someone after 11pm, promptly forgot what the policeman (who turned out to be at the door) said, and broke a huge fancy bowl so that it cut him all over the arm and shredded my right foot :(
Not cool.
I have my first fancy piece of luggage! So exciting.
Also, I am going to be in Colorado on September 2nd. I will try to keep everyone informed!

Saturday, 23 April 2011


I am moving to Colorado in a little over 3 weeks, and I wanted a way of keeping in touch with the people who mattered to me, who may care what is happening :P
Stopped therapy this week; yikes. I really loved my therapist; I think she and I did great work that helped me focus on redefining my life and I am definitely trying to interpret my life in a more positive way.
Lots of I statements ^_^
But it's super weird to be moving out. I am trying to purge my stuff of unnecessary clutter. Do I really need my ironic twilight collage? Nope! And I do have to clean the fridge out. Blurg...

Monday, 21 March 2011

Unspeakable Love

If I could speak I would bind you to me with the power of a million spells,
If I knew how to keep you I would,
And we would be intertwined forever,
With our faces superimposed on each others shadows,
I see like you,
I smell like you,
I breathe like you,
And breathe you like a crisp autumn breeze,
I inherited the love of you from lifetimes before,
Ten thousand years is almost enough,
But here comes the pattern again,
The need to be,
To breathe again,
Perhaps we posses each other,
Locked in eternal happiness,
Eternal pain,
Eternal bliss,
You cannot escape the beginning if there is no end,
If I could speak I would drown out the sounds of anguish in my mind,
Just the thought of you is enough,
To scare away the fear,
The sadness,
The void of emptiness that haunts the vast wreckage of my soul,
I think of you and fight to speak,
Of the long, forever years of coming back to this place,
With you and me,
And the shadows of lives past,
We all come together,
And weep for fear and sadness,
And the annihilation of both,
With the promise a temporary reprieve,
Tears made sweeter by their barter:
Time for love,
Tears of heartbreak, and possibilities,
Of unspeakable love.