Thursday, 4 August 2011

Visa is in!

So... most of you know that I did not move to Colorado, but took up an offer at University College London, and will be in England come September! I have my ticket, my confirmation of attendance, and on Monday I will make an 8 hour round trip into Dallas (via a-train and dart) to get my visa! Which cost a good $450.00 so it better go through...
I am watching my aunt's house (and the cousins) and the younger one is not doing too well; he got lost for about an hour, opened the door to someone after 11pm, promptly forgot what the policeman (who turned out to be at the door) said, and broke a huge fancy bowl so that it cut him all over the arm and shredded my right foot :(
Not cool.
I have my first fancy piece of luggage! So exciting.
Also, I am going to be in Colorado on September 2nd. I will try to keep everyone informed!

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